This is a true story. In a no-holds-barred manner and with cringe-worthy honesty, an introvert reveals her innermost thoughts and private experiences following the high-profile death of her brother. 

Emily's younger brother, and only sibling, was on SEAL Team 6 and aboard the helicopter that was shot down in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011. It was the worst single loss-of-life day for the U.S. in the war in Afghanistan. It was also the worst in the history of Naval Special Warfare. Since then, we have heard many stories about SEAL Team 6, their missions and the men that make up that group of heroes. We've even learned a little about their spouses and families. But has anyone told the story about what happens after their death? And what it is like to go through the military procedures of dealing with their deaths? The month of August 2011 was heart-breaking, bizarre, tiring, and at times, quite funny. It was just Emily and her dad, winding their way through this misadventure. Her mom passed away in 2007, and Rob was Emily's only sibling; he was unmarried and had no children. Throughout this ordeal, she wrote letters to her brother and turned those notes into a short memoir recounting the month of August 2011 that shares the unimaginable events of that month and how she and her dad managed through it. The notification, the dignified transfer of remains, the memorial service, the burial at sea, an earthquake, a hurricane, multiple funeral services for other men from the helicopter and all the memories these events stirred up are covered in this memoir.

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Clearly written from the heart, it is honest and unflinching.
— Amazon Reviewer
Emily’s honesty will make you laugh, cry and cuss at certain people.
— Amazon Reviewer