Bringing order to the chaos that is digital marketing.


I am a reader, a writer and a seeker that works with businesses to build and grow their online presence.


My mission is to help you feel more in control of your digital marketing.

How frequently should you post? What should you post? Should you buy advertising? How much should you spend on advertising? What channels should you use? These are the questions I help answer as we create a digital marketing plan together and grow your brand and business.

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My Story

Curiosity drives me. I have a knack for taking mounds of information, understanding it, organizing it and finding the insights as foundations for development of strategy and measurable tactics. My specialties include digital strategy, digital marketing, all kinds of research, writing, brand strategy and presentations. I listen more than I talk. I am Emily Reeves Dean and I am located in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

My job is to create order from chaos. I am a communications strategist in the digital space.

My quest for knowledge has taken me to architecture school, journalism school, law school, guitar lessons, motorcycle classes, drawing classes, yoga classes, coding classes, photography classes, pitch competitions, a startup business accelerator, reading thousands of books, watching movies galore, publishing a book, fits and starts of writing projects, more airline miles that I can track, the insides of conference centers, presenting to rooms full of people and hours-on-end staring at a computer screen.  I learn a little bit along the way from each experience. In general, I notice interesting ideas and share them online.



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Want to work with me?


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is your range of abilities when it comes to content creation? Does it include graphic design, photography, video, writing, etc.?

My specialties are strategy, writing and project management. But, I am what you might call a generalist. I can create all content formats from text only to designed infographics and full video edits. I am not a graphic design, a photographer or a videographer. But I can do all of those things if needed. If budget allows, I will always recommend that we partner with talented creatives that specialize in each of those areas

2. How much does it cost to work with you?

It depends on what you need. Unless it is for very special circumstances, the minimum investment for my services is $1,000. If you are looking for ongoing support, the minimum duration is three months, which will be invoiced monthly and require a 10-day payment remittance.

3. Can you help with public relations?

I am a through-and-through introvert (any other INTJs out there?!) and public relations is not a skill I am comfortable practicing. That being said, I can write a good news release and can email it out to a media list. But I fall short in follow up, building media relations, and actually generating media coverage.


4. How do you prefer communicating with clients?

I am all about email, Slack, or any other digital chat channel. As an unabashed introvert, I avoid phone calls and in-person meetings when possible. I am a professional though, so I absolutely do those things if that is what is needed to get the job done.

5. Do you do event planning?


6. Will you work for trade?

Depends on what you have to trade. Make me an offer!