Leveraging Product Placement

I saw Juno three times.  It was a great, heart-warming movie--obviously, I loved it.  When you see a movie that many times over a two-week period, you start noticing details that could have been missed.  My thoughts today turned to Tic Tacs.  Paulie Bleeker, the boy who knocks up Juno, had one vice according to Juno: orange Tic Tacs.  Throughout the movie he is eating them and at one point Juno stuffs his mailbox full of them.  I was craving orange Tic Tacs after the third viewing and I couldn't tell you the last time I even thought about Tic Tacs.Did the Tic Tac brand pay for that placement?  Are they doing anything to leverage that placement now?  I haven't seen anything, but they should.Today I read about a Tic Tac sampling event that encourages consumers to mix music tracks using the sound of Tic Tacs clanging around in their iconic box.  The target for this promotion is 18-24 year olds.  While I get that they are trying to connect music--which is important to this audience--to the Tic Tac brand, it just seems lame after witnessing the connection that Paulie Bleeker and Juno had to Tic Tacs.  That is what Tic Tacs should be using to connect to this audience: Juno.  Why aren't they leveraging that product placement?