#SXSWi Session Notes: Beyond Word Clouds: Analyzing Trends with Social Media APIs

These are my raw notes from this session.Hashtag for this session is #beyondwcAPIs bridge the gap between marketing, IT, and customer service.(Interesting idea: add Twitter handles to CRM databases)Tweetcloud.comCorrelation is not causation. Go back into the database and figure out what is driving the context of the data. Decaf coffee example: retweeted link bait tweet skewed results.Bit.ly has an APIThere is really no expense to store a lot of key words. So cast the net wide to build the archive of data and be sure that you have the data to pull. You might not know what you need until you start searching.Twitter's API limits each query to 1500 results.Facebook API lets you pull data on a page as far back as you want to go.