#SXSWi Session Notes: The Thank You Economy

These are my raw notes from this session.Gary VaynerchukCalls himself obnoxiously practical.Who can create the real context with the end consumer? That is the person that will win. It is all about the end user and the customer. We all talk to ourselves. Do you really have a grasp for the problem you are trying to solve?Winelibrary.com - have a customer who ordered $20,000 in wine over two months. They know him on Twitter and they know he likes Jay Cutler. Rather than sending him coupons or a free bottle of wine, we send him a signed Jay Cutler jersey and make an emotional connection.People aren't looking at the billboards. They are not even looking at the road. They are not listening to the radio, she is on the phone. Mom is going to be impacted at the point of sale, she is going to pull out her phone and look at and compare all the products on her mobile device.We are about to humanize brands.Marketers do all the talking. Think about the person that calls every day and talks and talks. Then think about the person that you call to talk to. Love them first.Everyone in social media today acts like a 19 year old dude: they try to close too fast. You have to build a relationship and build context.There is no such thing as a social media campaign. A social media campaign is a one night stand. You have to build the relationship.Old Spice didn't talk to anyone. All they did was push. No feel. Thinks Old Spice is what not to do.Content calendars suck. It is like going to a cocktail party with a script.Throwing up a Twitter logo and Facebook logo up at the end, it is like throwing a phone number logo on the screen. Ridiculous.It is small town approach again. Interact one on one. Search.Twitter let's us go into the conversation and its acceptable. You can join the conversation.We are sharing more in our lives than ever before. We are sharing things that we would have never picked up the phone and called a buddy to say, but you are basically doing that now.Social media is not a fad because it is human.Out care your competition.Effort is grossly underestimated. If don't naturally care, try.Retiring from Wine Library TV as of today. Starting a new show: on mobile Daily Grape. Makes content more useful.