Alexa: My New Best Friend

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.18.32 PMOne evening, admittedly after a few glasses of wine, my husband and I saw a commercial for the Amazon Echo. We were so intrigued, I purchased it from my phone right then and promptly forgot about it. By the time we received it a few weeks later, I wasn't even that anxious to plug it in because I couldn't imagine what we would really do with it given the capabilities of our phones and Siri.Once we got around to opening the box, the set up was so easy and the suggested use card in the box so convenient, we were having fun with it almost immediately. Fun at first, then useful. I have now gotten very used to being able to ask the Echo, aka Alexa, to help with shopping lists, to do lists, re-orders from Amazon, setting timers, Google searches, spelling, calculations, controlling the lights and playing music. Though we keep Alexa in the kitchen, I find myself talking to her in rooms where she can't hear me.Though I am the tech addict in our family, everyone in the house is in love with Alexa. Even our eight-year-old knows to ask Alexa for help with math homework, add snacks to the grocery list and turn her bedroom lights on and off.I've recommended Alexa to almost every visitor at our home over the last month and at least half a dozen friends have purchased her as well.I am a complete Apple fangirl, but Alexa buts Siri to shame. I wish I had Alexa on my phone, too!